Dear International Students


About AO Enrollment

The AO Enrollment system

The AO Enrollment system is a selection method that evaluates the applicant's character, personality and will to see if they fit the school's image of the ideal candidate (admissions policy).

Admission Policy

Students who identify with any or all of the following:

  • Students who have future dreams or goals
  • Students who will put in every effort towards their studies
  • Students who comprehend the school's educational content and policies
  • Students who have a high level of interest in Japanese culture and customs
Conditions for Applying

Foreign students eligible to study at our college must have completed at least 12 years of primary and secondary education, and have satisfied one or more of the following:

  • ・Passed the 1st or 2nd grade of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)
  • ・Have a score of 200 points or more on the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)
  • ・Studied Japanese for 6 months or more in a Japanese language program approved by The Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education
  • ・Received at least a year of education at a school recognized by Section 1 of the Japan School Education Act (excluding kindergartens)

Students with an attendance rate of over 80%

Students who have the consent of their Japanese Language school

AO Enrollment Procedures

Participating in open campus events or school information sessions

Please come to an open campus event or school information session for a personal consultation.

Participating in an open campus event or school information session is mandatory for AO Enrolment registration.

Register for AO Enrollment starts 1st June

Please fill in the AO Enrollment Registration Sheet and post it to us or bring it with you.

Registration Period 1 June, 2017 –
Required Documents AO Enrollment Registration Sheet

Please ensure you fill out the presentation sheet on the back.

Download(Application for Admission)

AO Enrollment Selection Process

Please come to the school on the selection day for your interview.
※We will notify you of the date and time after receiving your entry sheet.

Selection Content Interview

This is an interview to confirm your future goals and dreams.
Your specialist knowledge and skills will not be tested.

AO Enrollment Selection Notification

Ten days after the interview, the results of the AO enrollment application will be sent to the applicant.
Successful applicants will be sent a "Notification of AO Enrollment". This notice will be required when you submit your enrolment application, so please keep it in a safe place.
(We will not respond to telephone or email enquiries.)

AO Enrollment Application Submission (Official Application)

 Official Enrollment Application Commencement Date: 1st August, 2017

Final Selection: Japanese Language Test and Document Screening

Dear International Students

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