Dear International Students


About Application

Admission Requirements

Foreign students eligible to study at our college must have completed at least 12 years of primary and secondary education, and have satisfied one or more of the following

  • ・Passed N1 (1st) or N2 (2nd) grade of the Japanese Proficiency Test (JLPT)
  • ・Have a score of 200 points or more on the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)
  • ・BJT400 points and above.
  • ・Studied Japanese for 6 months or more in a Japanese language program approved by Japan Ministry of Justice.
  • ・Received at least a year of education at a school recognized by Section 1 of the Japan School Education Act (excluding kindergartens)

The college will only accept applicants who are committed to completing the course of study.

Methods of Application

Applicants who live in Japan

Japanese Language School Recommendation

This is a system for students being recommended by their Japanese language school, whose first preference is this school and have met all of the requirements for recommendation.

  • 1:Students with an attendance rate of over 90%.
  • 2:Students with clear goals and targets.
  • 3:Students whose Japanese ability is deemed sufficient for their studies at our school.
School Recommendation

This is a system for students whose first preference is this school, who are about to graduate from a Japanese school designated by this school.

※Please contact your school directly to find out whether it is a designated school.

Exclusive Application Selection

This is available to students whose only preference is this school and who sit the entrance examination.

※Please feel free to contact the enrollment office in regards to any enquiries you many have or for further information on transferring to TECH.C.

AO Enrolment

・Register for AO Enrollment from 1st June ※Please contact the school for further details.

・AO Application start 1st August

※ Please feel free to contact admission office if you have any inquiries.

Applicants who live in their own Country

Direct enrollment system for international students through the EJU

For the overseas applicants, we accept the student according to the result of"EJU" conducted by the Japan Student Services Organization taken outside of Japan and document screening. In case granted admission, certificate of eligibility procedure done by the Jikei COM International Center on behalf of the applicant. Detail information such as necessary documents for application, entrance exam, admission procedures and others, please ask the Jikei COM International Center.

Advanced Diploma

・Graduates of our practical 4-year programs are awarded an advanced diploma.

・The Special Feature of Advanced Diploma.

  • 1:Four-years advanced practical education refine highly skills and bring professionals.
  • 2:It is possible to go to a graduate school in Japan.
  • 3:Equivalent to the salaries of University graduates.


・The graduate who finished 2-year or 3-year course and given the title "Diploma" may use an admission system for entering to university.

Application & Admission

Documents required for applying

  • 1:Application for admission (Please use the form designated by our school)
  • 2:Forms and Certificates issued by Japanese Language School
    ・Student Registration Certificate or Proof of Expected Graduation Certificates
    ・Official Transcripts / Attendance Certificate
  • 3:Graduation Certificate from your last school (high schools and universities) or a copy of diploma
  • 4:Something to verify remittance of money (such as notification) or certificate to show the balance in your bank account.
  • 5:A Copy of Resident card (Both Sides)
  • 6:A Copy of your passport (Full Page)
  • 7:A Copy of your National Health Insurance Card (Both Sides)
  • 8:Admission Slip for Examination (Designated by our school)
  • 9:Examination fee ¥30,000
    (No examination charges for the applicants recommended by the designated schools)

※In case of mailing, please send us a postal transfer payment certificate. Payment in cash is not acceptable. Cash accepted only in case you bring it directly to the school.

  • The application required documents for applicants who live in Japan and not attending a Japanese language school may need to submit additional documents.
  • The guaranty principal must bring all of the documents 1〜9 listed above to our school. Those living afar,please contact us.
  • Documents submitted and examinations fee will not be returned.

Enrolment Application Commencement Date

Applications will be accepted from 1st October. (Excluding AO Enrollment)

Entrance Examination (Japanese Examination and Interview/Document Selection)

Examinations are held from October until March. However, we will close applications if we reach capacity.

Preferential System

Japanese Language School recommendation or School recommendation applications are exempt from the ¥30,000 selection fee.

Dear International Students

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