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The educational guidelines of Tokyo Design Technology Center (TECH.C.) are Practical Education, Humanistic Education and International Education. The education we provide allows our students to enter the workforce immediately, as fully-trained experts which the industry now demands.

In order to send every one of our students into their desired industry, we have been training the students by linking the school with related industries. We have various educational programs, such as: Corporate Projects - students learn the stages of developing merchandise or planning events; Internships - these allow students to see the industry up close and understand how it works.

While operating these educational programs, we accept many international students into the school and help to place them in their desired field. Among these graduates are many who have succeeded at the top of their industry, and as a result, international students are a strong part of our global education.

In order for international students to complete their studies and achieve their goals, we have a strong support system in place, including the Jikei COM International Center, which supports students in their enrollment and visa applications and a Career Center, which assists students with work experience and employment. For those students who want to be active in Japan and on the world stage, let's study together!

Educational System for International Students

At TECH.C., we have a unique, six-part educational system run in conjunction with the industry.

①Company Projects / Company Assignments

Learn directly from top professionals, active at the leading corporations. We have linked up with many companies, and by having a practice-based curriculum for taking on the assignments, students are able to realise their potential. By adopting the same mental attitude and skills as the professionals, along with creating a network with the industry, the students also build up their ability to respond to client intentions and consumer needs.

Create a hands-on escape game using MR devices with Microsoft

Development of new IoT products using Jetson Nano

Exhibited at Tokyo Game SHOW for 12 consecutive years

②Special Industry Seminars & Lectures

Special lectures will be held several times a year by the specialists who have remarkable activities inside and outside of Japan. It is very valuable experience to know the exactly "now in the industry" such as the latest technology and knowledge, etc.

Kazuyuki Ikumori

CG Director
He is the CG Director of the major game company Squire Enix . He is responsible for such games as "the Final Fantasy" series among others.

Kouichi Noguchi

Animation Producer
Koichi Noguchi is a visual planning department producer at TOEI Animation Co., Ltd. and has created numerous popular animations such as "One Piece" and "Digimon."

③Double Major Curriculum System

he Double Major System allows students to enroll in classes they want to take which match their future goals, even if the subjects differ from the major students selected when they were admitted to the school. There are no additional tuition fees for this system.

④Practical Japanese Language Education for International Students

We offer classes which help international students prepare for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and develop business communication skills as a means for finding employment in the midst of globalization. Students will be able to communicate smoothly in the future workplace by fully understanding Japanese culture and customs.

⑤Internship (Industry Training)

To complete their industry-based education, all students who intend to find employment at the end of their studies will undertake a two-to-four week internship at an advanced company in their desired field during their final year. By doing this internship, students are able to receive early job offers, which lead to a high rate of employment.

⑥Employment Support System

Our Career Center gives each student individual employment support, by holding events such as employment seminars, corporate seminars (over 100 companies attend each year), individual consultations and mock interviews. Full support and an extensive company network are the secrets to this school's high rate of employment, of which we are very proud.

Campus Life Support

Employment Support System

For concerns or problems regarding living in Japan, student visas, tuition fees, etc., please come to this center for advice from specialized staff.

Student Service Center

Please feel free to stop by at this center when you have concerns or worries about campus life. You can talk to our advisors in strict confidence.

Keiseikai Clinic

Tech.C. students who are covered by Japan's National Health Insurance can receive free medical and dental care at the Keiseikai Clinic,Tech.C.'s partner hospital.

Student Dormitories

We have dormitories exclusively for the use of Tech C. students. There are three types of dormitories to choose from.





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  2. 計画的に学費の納入を考えることができる
  3. 同じ夢を持った友達を多く作ることができる
  4. 就職へ向けて誰よりも早くスタートを切ることができる


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  3. 「好きなことを仕事にしたい」という熱意を持っている人